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About Mike's Custom Creations and Mike

Mike's Custom Creations is a registered business, and is GST/HST registered as well.

Mike's Custom Creations (the business)
Mike's Custom Creations was started in spring of 2016, as a little part time business. The main business activity is manufacturing wood products, but I also work with other materials, like resin, glass, plexiglass, metal, and more. The ultimate business plans are twofold. Sales of premade products in a store, and making of custom products. I also do repairs and refinishing. A small store was opened in the Settlers Ridge Centre in Smiths Falls (formerly known as County Fair Mall) on November 1, 2017. It was just a small store, but was a good test run before the mall decided to demolish that part of the mall. In February 2019, I tried a store again, sharing space in the mall with The Artisan Loft. It was off to a good start, and looked like it had good potential, until a month later, when Covid hit and stores were closed. Malls were the last thing to reopen, and by the time we were allowed to open back up, it was too late.

It's just about time to try again.

I am now looking into store locations to reopen a store this spring, hopefully for May 2024.

Products will be sold, and orders placed, at the store or online. When the store reopens, store hours and location will be on the website front page.

Mike Secord (the owner and woodworker)
I, Mike Secord, am from the end of the Baby Boomer generation. I've enjoyed working with wood since I was a child, over 40 years, taking after my father. I also got into home renovations at a young age, and made that my primary business when I was 20. I've thought about doing woodworking as a business many times, then in spring of 2016 I decided it's time to at least start. My woodworking, (Mike's Custom Creations), and home renovations, (Quality Home Renovations), are both currently active, but my dream is for the woodworking to eventually take over as the main business.

If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions email me at or "contact me".

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